Rates & Resources


Our current rates are listed below for common services which we provide. If you are looking for something which doesn’t fall under these common services, please contact us for more information.

Website Hosting & Design

Service Rate ($)
Web Design 70 /hour
Web Hosting 120 /year

Our Website Hosting service includes your domain name as well (approx. $15 value!), and all for just $10 /month! Must be purchased in one-year increments.
Be sure to contact us for an estimate on a Web Design project for your business or personal website. As an approximate, most small to medium business websites range between $400 and $800 depending on the complexity, content needed, and many more variables. This is aside from hosting should you choose to host your website with DD Tech Solutions.

Pricing Comparison, Popular Competitors

Provider Rate ($)
DD Tech Solutions 10/month
Dreamhost 12/month
GoDaddy 16/month
InMotion 11/month
HostGator 12/month
1&1 Hosting 10/month
BlueHost 11/month

* The pricing is noted in Canadian dollars above, some pricing was converted from USD to CAD at the exchange rates as of December 13, 2015. Competitor pricing was valid as of December 2015, pricing was based on closest hosting plan feature-wise, prices used for comparison were the ‘regular’ prices and excludes any temporary promotional pricing.

Business & Residential Tech Support

Service Rate ($)
Tech Support 50 /hour


As we are a small business, we currently only accept cash and cheque. We will be allowing online invoice payments in the future for everyones convenience.

Self-Serve Resources

Want to tackle it on your own? Try these links for common support.

Note: Anything found on the sites above are not warrantied and do not reflect the views or advice of DD Tech Solutions. We will not be responsible for anything you attempt to solve on your own. The list above is only for your convenience.