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Dustin is the most amazing & trustworthy person in the world. Would highly recommend him and his homebased company for any of your needs. He is amazing. — Helen J.

Always happy to help a customer :) — Jeff B.

Amazing service :) — Curtis A.

DD Tech Solutions knows the answers! Always very friendly and helpful, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for tech-related support! — Scott B.

Our Portfolio

Web Projects

It makes sense that the websites we help develop or maintain should serve as our portfolio to you, right? So here is a list of some of the websites we currently help or have helped in the past to bring them to a better global stage – the world wide web. We have had a hand in these sites in some way or another, whether it’s just assisting for a very small section or taking care of the entire thing from start to finish. Additionally, many of these websites are also hosted on our web servers. Feel free to contact us for details on what our specific involvement was with each site below.

Listings above which are striked-through are sites which no longer exist as they were left to expire due to their temporary nature.