Terms & Conditions, Important Notes, and Disclaimers

  • The 99% uptime guarantee means that if the uptime of the hosting service over a 30 day span is less than 99 percent, the pro-rated cost will be credited to the affected account to be used on future work with DD Tech Solutions. DD Tech Solutions reserves the right to exclude scheduled maintenance periods from the 99% uptime guarantee. If you desire to leave DD Tech Solutions as a web hosting provider, the credit will not be paid out in any other way and will expire 1 year from the latest transaction between you and DD Tech Solutions. If you wish to have a credit to your account for any unannounced downtime, kindly contact me to discuss.
  • Maintenance periods will be scheduled and posted in advance on the DD Tech Solutions Status webpage. The maintenance period will typically be during off-peak (least busy) hours scheduled for just a minimal amount of time (i.e. 30 minutes) started anytime after 11:00 PM and finished before 5:00 AM Pacific time.
  • “Unlimited” bandwidth and storage is deemed as “fair use” for all DD Tech Solutions products. If any illegal activities take place on DD Tech Solutions properties (including virtual servers with a third-party platform provider) or an unexpected amount of storage is needed, you may be billed for the excess usage or otherwise refused server.